Kids 0-17
Adults 19-45
Adults 46+

Big family?
The more you have, the more you save (for once).
Family max is $325/month.
Pay for the first 2 kids and the rest are free.

Frequently asked questions

What does monthly membership cover?
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The monthly membership covers unrestricted, transparent, open access to Dr. Brown and Dr. Schuster. We're just a call, text, email, or same day office visit away. There is no one between you and your doctor. We are the ones that answer the phone, not an answering service. How cool is that?

What ages do Dr. Schuster and Dr. Brown see?
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Short answer: everyone! We see everyone of all ages. Young, old, pregnant, everyone in between. That is the beauty of our training as your Family Medicine physicians.

What about bloodwork, medications, and imaging?
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One of the beauties of DPC is full price transparency. We have personally worked with local labs and imaging centers to ensure you the lowest cash price possible. We stock basic medications in our office and give them to you at wholesale cost. You wouldn't have a mechanic take care of your car without knowing the price beforehand, right? You'll know the price before you decide on anything with Strive. Sounds refreshing from a doctor's office, doesn't it?

What if I'm healthy and rarely go to the doctor?
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Well, thats the goal, so nice work! We aim to keep you healthy and prevent illness. Sometimes, however, you need stitches, an antibiotic, or have a quick question to run by a doctor. An urgent care visit for those stitches or antibiotic will cost you about what our annual membership costs. And if you have a question for a doctor? Good luck getting an answer any time soon the normal way. As a memeber, just call/text/email us. Yes, it's that easy and convenient.

What if I decide to cancel my membership?
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Situations change, we get it. Not a problem at all. We just ask you give us 30 days notice so we can tie up any loose ends and give you a chance to find another doctor. If you pay quarterly or annually, you will be immediately refunded the remaining balance, no hard feelings whatsoever.

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