Get to Know Us

Get to know us.

Your Health Care, Hassle Free.

Ok, this is a lot of words. Stay with us and you won’t be disappointed.

In the traditional, insurance-based primary care clinic, doctors are financially incentivized to keep you sick and have you physically in their office as much as possible. Seriously. Not even kidding. How is this ok? It’s the reason visits are mere minutes long while the doctor stares at the computer, not you. It’s not their fault, the system mandates it. That same healthcare system is pleading for a new, efficient way to keep patients happy and healthy.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is the answer. A monthly membership fee covers all primary care services such as preventative care, acute and chronic issues, minor procedures, casting, osteopathic manipulation, etc. Bloodwork, medications, and imaging are literally a fraction of the cost (up to 95% less expensive). The convenience and savings are astonishing for individuals, families, and small businesses alike. Run the numbers, they never lie.

At Strive Direct Health, primary care is affordable and accessible to everyone. We work obsessively to be the change we want to see in “The System” and are proud to be the only primary care clinic in Erie specifically designed with one sole purpose in mind: your health. Exactly the way it should be, right?

So, what is Direct Primary Care? Check out this video, it explains DPC quite nicely. Dr. Brown and Dr. Schuster’s skillsets are uniquely positioned to cover your primary care, urgent care, and other medical needs whether that is virtually or in person. We make ourselves available for our patients when and where they need. It’s primary care the way it was meant to be - focused on you.

Strive direct primary care examination room.

Meet The Family

Dr. Brad Brown
Dr. Sara Schuster
Dani Brown
Kimee Wilkey
Alexis Kochevar

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